STORM running officially started on 8th April 2015. A simple Facebook post wanting to help beginner runners, was met with 17 runners turning up at Central Park on our first ever run. Since then we have grown to a team with over 500 active runners.

The philosophy of motivating, supporting & inspiring fellow runners, putting them before yourself, is one of the driving factors for our success. We look after any runner, of any ability, from any background. We have a strong team spirit, we will never leave you behind and I challenge all my running leaders and buddies to learn all our runners names.

More and more of our runners are competing at local, national and international runs and more and more purple is being seen, not just in & around Plymouth but around the world.

With our fantastic leaders, buddies,brilliant runners and firm set of morals & ethics, STORM running has become the biggest running club in the South West.