The Storm Cuppa! For the times that you can’t run.


We all have times when we are unable to run, whether it’s due to a physical issue such as injury or health condition or maybe because we’ve lost our confidence or mojo. This can affect our mental wellbeing as we worry about losing our fitness levels and perhaps just start to feel isolated.
Well @ STORM we want to tackle this the best way we can and provide a bit of support.
At every Runner of the Month and where other Club Run venues permit, you are encouraged you to join us for a cuppa if you are unable to run, for whatever reason. Sharing your thoughts, concerns or news with other people in a similar situation can be helpful, insightful and rewarding.
STORM cuppa will take place at every Runner of the Month and where evening Club Run venues permit. Register for the Storm Cuppa on the Evening Run Register, turn up as normal, catch up with everyone and when they all run at 7.00 pm, Pippa Waller will take you all for a cuppa at the nearest venue.

Keep your eye on the Evening Run Register on the app for the next Cuppa or contact Pip for more info.

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