Storm Affiliation process


With many people enquiring about how to affliate this is how

England Athletics (EA) ask for £15 per runner to be affiliated. We ask for £15 to join STORM, that means we don’t take a penny, all the joining fees go straight to EA. There is an online form on this app, located on the bottom right of the home screen, you complete this, and pop £15 into STORM bank account, this means we can process you as an affiliated STORM Runner.

This process takes a couple days, but then you will receive an e mail with your own personal running number. This means you are an official England Athletics athlete and a proud member of our club. You will then be an affiliated athlete just like Mo Farah! And no one can take that away. Affiliation runs April to April. So any new joiners, you will have to renew membership next May.

Once an affiliated member, STORM runs are £1 instead of £2. Your affiliated number gets you discount to events. There are many many other benefits too.

Please don’t feel you have to affiliate, it’s your decision. I simply wanted to explain how & why you should. Affiliated or not, we’re happy you choose to run and to run with STORM.

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