Research Project Needs Our Help ENDING SOON!


If you haven’t already completed this survey please do consider doing it. It is due to close and although we have had a good response it would be brilliant to get a little bit more. It’s looking like Storm will be massively involved in this research and have a massive impact on the help we can give to others and ourselves. PLEASE SUPPORT! Thank you.

Dr Alister McCormick is a researcher at Plymouth Marjon University, he is conducting research into the mental aspects of running, road cycling, and triathlons.

The intention is to use the findings to benefit runners, such as Storm runners. The main aim of the research is to help people such as yourselves to find and use guidance on mental aspects of training (e.g., setting goals, getting motivated), preparing (e.g., getting “in the zone”, dealing with nerves), and performing in events (e.g., pushing through exertion and pain, coping with problems), so that they perform better and have a more satisfying experience.
To help with the research, we are looking for people (age 18 and older) who participate either competitively or non-competitively in running events (5km and further, e.g., Parkruns, 10km runs, half-marathons), road cycling events (time trials, road races, or sportives), or triathlons to complete a one-off, 15 minute survey.

Help from runners, triathletes, and road cyclists is very important for the research, and will be used to help people to find and use guidance on mental parts of training, preparing, and performing.

To complete the survey, please follow this link:

Thanks for Your Support

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